Sunday, 18 May 2014

Diabetes Blog Week 2014 - Day 7 - My Favourite Things

This week is Diabetes Blog Week.

Each day diabetes bloggers around the world will be writing a blog post on the same topic. You will be able to see who is taking part and what the daily topic is at Bitter Sweet Diabetes.

This is the first year that I have taken part and I've found it extremely challenging. They certainly aren't topics that I would normally choose to tackle, but sometimes it's good to be outside of your comfort zone!

Todays Topic: My Favourite Things

As we wrap up another Diabetes Blog Week, let’s share a few of our favourite things from the week. This can be anything from a #DBlogWeek post you loved, a fantastic new-to-you blog you found, a picture someone included in a post that spoke to you, or comment left on your blog that made you smile. Anything you liked is worth sharing!

My response

This is my last post for #DBlogWeek. Before I write any more on todays topic I want to say a big thank you to Karen Graffeo of Bitter Sweet Diabetes for once again organising such a superb Diabetes Blog Week. Quite how she has managed to do this, blog herself, read all multitude of blogs and comment on so many... as well as eating, sleeping and living life, I don't quite know! I've not managed even half of that and I'm absolutely shattered! So a big thank you to Karen for such a wonderful week of blogging!

I initially planned to share a blog post from each day that I thought was either interesting, struck a chord or gave good insight into the subject of the day, but I soon changed my mind when I saw the thought and quality of peoples posts. However I would like to highlight one from the week which was written by @ninjabetc1 on poetry day (day 2) which I thought was an amazing post about how the media portrays diabetes:

What I loved about the week was the number of new bloggers that started, inspired after the #ourD tweetchat on diabetes blogging. To see so many new voices was wonderful. It has also been interesting to read blogs from parents of those with diabetes - it is so interesting to read and learn about these different perspectives.

So here are just a few of the amazing bloggers in the UK that I've been reading (in no particular order!) over #DBlogWeek: