Thursday, 26 November 2015

I want your thoughts, Jamie wants your thoughts, Parliament wants your thoughts!

The Parliamentary Petitions Committee have invited me to a panel discussion with Jamie Oliver, Helen Jones MP (chair of the petitions committee) and Dr Sarah Wollaston MP (chair of the health committee) at the House of Commons on Monday. Once again I have to thank the Parliamentary Outreach team for helping to arrange this!

You can follow both committees and the Parliamentary Outreach team on Twitter:

It's taking place just before the House of Commons debate discussing the Jamie Oliver petition which called for a tax on sugary drinks to improve children’s health. It will also coincide with the publication of a report from the Health Committee on childhood obesity.

I'm sure you'll have heard all about the sugar tax petition, but you can read all about it on parliament's website if you wish. You will also be able to use a link on that page to watch the Westminster Hall debate live on Monday from 4:30pm. I will also be tweeting about what happens on the day (subject to my multi-tasking abilities!) so please join in with the discussion.

The panel discussion will focus on both the petition and the link between sugar and childhood obesity, as well as the forthcoming debate. It's an opportunity for me to share my thoughts, ask questions and (hopefully) shape some of the parliamentary debate that will follow.

BUT I don't want it to be just my thoughts. I want it to be as inclusive as possible. I want the community to tell me their thoughts so I can summarise your views on the day...

So, if you have any thoughts on the petition (or the report) that you'd like me to share then please let me know either by commenting here, tweeting me @davidcragg or sending me a DM or email.... before the Monday debate obviously!