Saturday, 15 February 2014

We shouldn't be ashamed

Ahead of the Diabetes and the workplace #ourD tweetchat on Tuesday, I was researching appropriate links to share with people in the pre-read section.

One link that didn't make the cut was from Boots.

I will state now that I am not a fan of Boots and their stance on selling so called "Diabetic" chocolate and sweets (something I'm sure will feature in a future blog entry), but when I read their article on dealing with diabetes in the workplace I was absolutely stunned and angry - it has reinforced my dislike of a so called health company.

You can read the article here:

Most of the article annoyed me, but here's a selection of quotes:
"Sometimes it’s impossible to get a minute of privacy at your desk to take your test. Keeping all your supplies in a small bag makes it easier to make a quick trip to the toilet."
"If you are too embarrassed to pull out a snack at a meeting, simply excuse yourself and go to the toilet. You can then start eating the minute you leave the room."
"If there are cakes at an office birthday party, you can almost always participate by taking a small piece of cake. If no one knows you have diabetes, you can still keep your secret."
I feel Boots is suggesting that going to the toilet to do blood tests, insulin injections and treating hypos (as well as keeping diabetes a secret) is a good way of dealing with these issues in a workplace environment - something I would strongly challenge.

There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about doing a blood test, eating some quick acting carbohydrates during a meeting or injecting insulin in a workplace environment.

Do you agree?